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Wise in every way

A Dutch female name, Wies stands for ‘wise in every way’. 

From a singular point of view in both life and behind her camera, from a place of quietude and light, Wies displays a deeply personal vision on what wisdom truly means. 

Where light diffuses, certainty eludes us. Can we ever really, see? As humans we’re all too often a little too sure of what our eyes and minds behold. In her own private and spellbinding world, she guides us on a tour of magical realism in which we, as observers, will never truly understand what’s in front of us. 

By finally letting go of the need to discern, Wies releases us, her fellow passengers, and prompts us to meander freely through her spectacular landscape. A landscape in which our deepest dreams and desires become the sole authentic image of which our lives exist.

In humble support, and from an eternal love for words and everything mystery, Wies’s friend José has given the images a framework in which the nature of wisdom is further magnified. 

Finally, for those who truly want to immerse themselves in the magic, both Wies and José hope that the journey provides a way to retrieve your own personal well of wisdom.   

Wies - fotoboek: Tekst
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Je boek is een droomvlucht die me meeneemt en laat verwonderen. Betoverend beeld en prachtige teksten.

Je boek is prachtig en erg bijzonder... Ik mag het van mezelf niet in een keer bekijken zo mooi vind ik het.

Wat een prachtig en intens boek! Het raakt me

Wies - fotoboek: Beoordelingen
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